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How To Roll A Rose Wrap

Rose Royals Wraps are flavor forward nicotine free wraps made for the future of rolling. Not all wraps are easy to roll especially if the wrap is made of pure rose petals. Overall rose petals can be very fragile, however our curing process helps keep the strength and integrity of the wrap.  Rolling a Rose Royals Organic Rose Wrap 1. Open your heat sealed pack and slowly pull out your handmade rose wrap 2. Grind your herb to a nice granualar size and make sure there are absolutely no hard parts or stems to ensure nothing pokes through. 3. Place grounded herb down the middle of wrap and press down on one side rolling up in a circular motion until...

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Roll Your Own

Rose Royals Roll Your Own packs come in 5 and 10 pack Organic flavor rich rose petals. Each pack allows you to roll up to 2 wraps leaving the pressing to us and the rolling to you.  Step 1. Take 2 petals and lick one side of one petal Step 2. Take the second petal and press it upon the licked area. The petals will stick with saliva and pressure Step 3. Take your wrap and roll up whether around a cone roller or by hand. 

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